At WRS we don’t really make many efforts to advertise our service in traditional ways. Instead, after a successful wallet recovery, we often ask our clients to (voluntarily!) mention our service with a post on a relevant forum or on reddit. This is entirely optional for the customer, we don’t even ask until the coins are returned. Some clients are not comfortable disclosing their experiences online - we respect their desire for privacy! - but a few customers kindly post a review.

News Articles Endorsement

“They have great reviews.”

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Wall Street Journal Article 1 or non-paywall link

“The firm uses specialized software to generate and test millions of potential passwords”

Wall Street Journal Article 2

“On the day of Mr. Murdoch’s birthday, Dave Bitcoin emailed saying that his password had been retrieved.”

“a technical wizard”

Planet Money Podcast - Bitcoin Hunters (Play the episode and seek to the 12:20 mark)



“Dave is a hero. And also helped me super well with all the extra questions I asked.”


“@davecrypto is nothing short of amazing!…He was very honest and kind. He took his fee and notified me immediately. Can’t recommend his services enough”


“I was over the moon!”


“@davecrypto brought back an #ETH wallet that I had long forgotten.”


“Dave’s professional, knowledgeable and trustworthy, would definitely use again.”


“Dave Bitcoin is the Man!”


“Just wanted to spread the word and let others know of his services”


“Highly recomended service”


“Dave Bitcoin, you’re the number one!”


“He certainly is a person of integrity and is honest and true. He is also incredibly talented. Recommended without hesitation”


“Thanks Dave from and I can recommend him to anyone”


“I’m grateful for his help. He was polite and kept his word.”

Fatih Kocak

“A friend Named Dave, I’ve been distant before, but two years later, it was very honest to confirm my email and give me my password after that.” (translated)


“A lovely ethical chap who can retrieve forgotten #passwords. Thank you A+”


“What a gem of a human”


“Dave is legit and after a few years of trying I had lost all hope . He got my BTC back. MY HERO!!”

Scott Sanderson

“Over 1000 eth was locked for months. Paid 20% for brute force help from Dave (WalletRecoveryServices).”

Juan Najas

“Dave is a real gentleman and an honest person who treated me very well.”


“Dave bitcoin helped me recover my ether wallet funds. I recommend his services.”


“Now, after 5 years(!) I got a surprising e-mail from him, that he cracked my wallet…”


“Dave, respect, great work, a lot of successes in the future!”



“This man is dedicated to his work and you can trust him more than yourself”

Bert Green

“Dave did a great job recovering a wallet password and I am very grateful…I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Rory Dishman

“I thought I was locked out for good…”


“Dave was very professional and very fast at recovering my locked Raven wallet”


“A huge shoutout to Dave Bitcoin of”


“As I’m the type who always sold coins as they were mined, forgetting my password has turned out to be very, very lucrative”


“I can only recommend Dave to the whole community, if you ever need help recovering your passphrase and remember part of it”

Toni Marijanović

“Dave saved my ass and summer budget”


“Just want to give a shoutout to Dave”


“A few days ago I misprinted my passphrase for a new wallet…”


“I just used Dave Bitcoin of to crack the passphrase for my lost AEG masternode funds.”


“I wanted to give this honest white hat a shout out. He helped me unlock a wallet and it was a tough one.”


“Dave is pretty well known and respected in this community, but I just wanted to add in my own recent experience with him”


“Even after being at two corners of the world, he proved how much trustworthy a man should be”


“And he recovered my password! And sure enough he left me with 80% of my BTC”

Doug Scribner (Founder of VaultLogic and WatchMyBit)

“… helps me again! Truly great service”

Liquid00 (our third-ever customer)

“…i never imagined it would ever be recovered but to my surprise he contacted me to let me know his services had found my password after 5 years”


“I just cannot say enough about WRS, I would absolutely use them again without question (although I hope I don’t have to)”


“He is the real deal guys!!”


“Dave is an honest businessman and there should absolutely be no hesitation in utilizing his services”

Scott Douglas

“You can take advantage of Dave’s wallet recovery services for most major cryptocurrencies!”

Robert Kubica

“I can only highly recommend him as an honest and never giving up person”

Reinhard Schmid

“For me it was such a relief that I had regained access to my wallet”


“He recovered my ETH wallet and I’m super thankful”

Lawrence Chan

“Bitcoin community is lucky to have Dave offering such a valuable service”


“His first attempt did not recover the phrase; however, he kept at it and after 2 1/2 weeks he decrypted the wallet, successfully”


“Brief mention of Wallet Recovery Service on CNBC”


“He was then able to recover the password in less than 24 hours”

Matt S.

“To my amazement within 10 hours the account password was recovered and they returned my ETH!”


“All in all, I really had only positive experience with his service”

Reginald Romain‏

“Words can’t express how King Dave, as I now call him, from walletrecoveryservices recovered my Ethereum account and saved my life! He is the real deal!”


“Dave at #walletrecoveryservices killed it again. He found my mist contract password after 2 years that had a fairly significant amount in it”


Seth Andrews… and here

“Dave Bitcoin at successfully figured out my long lost Bitcoin password.”


“This post is mainly to serve as an endorsement to Dave’s integrity.”


“I recommend he/they are not a scam.”


“Hope no one needs his service but if you cant recover your wallet he is the only one you can trust. He could easily steal my coins and disappear but Dave is doing this professionally and he is trustworthy, trying to build a good reputation.”

Edvard Edi

“this dude restored my spoiled private key, applause!
этот чувак восстановил мой испорченный приватный ключ, аплодисменты!”

Nyces iNFAmous23

“Today on my birthday @davecrypto only delivered the goods didn’t he!!! I have my bitcoin back! Highly recommend”

Michy Such

“So I used to have a wallet with like 30 K worth of bitcoins. I used to break into my old account.”

Parvel Kornienko

“Dave is a real professional and helped me promptly. He is really honest. I was greatly surprised! Wallet backup was fastly decrypted! AMAZING!
Настоятельно рекомендую данного парня для помощи при потере любых паролей от любых кошельков с криптой. Он не кидала, он реальный мастер. Вывел мои бабки и взял столько, сколько обещал. Сделал это меньше, чем за день.
To approve the feedback: telega @pavluu”

Alex Waugh

“If you forget your wallet passwords, this is legit, I’ve done it and it worked. Dave is a legend”

Cosmin Raileanu

“Trustworthy, honest, patient, newbie friendly. I really recommend Dave”


“He saved my 70k$ and found my password in 12 hours. thank you @davecrypto”


“I can’t express how satisfied and impressed I was with”


“I’d like to say thanks to Dave, and I’d like to spread the word about his service”


“Big thanks to Dave from He helped me get my wallet open again!”


“This guy really is legit and won’t steal your stuff”


“Dude was friendly, professional and the real deal.”


“Not only did he successfully recover my password but he gave proactive advice on how to transfer my coin and setup a secure new wallet”

Goan Games

“Hey all i got my balance back, thanks to Dave only”


With the help of Dave Bitcoin my wallet has been successfully recovered”


“After a few days he came back with the correct password, he kept the 20% fee (as agreed) and returned the rest”


“I’d recommend him to anyone in my situation. And most importantly, he didn’t run off with my ETH once he got in my wallet”

tungfa (Dash core team)

“Dave is 100% trusted by me , i recommended and used him multi times!”


“A trustworthy individual. I highly recommend his service”


Reddit user

Dave helped me out in a very friendly fashion”


“Prompt, professional, and I would say overwhelmingly trustworthy in my experience”


Even Dave could not crack my Ethereum Mist Wallet password, a bit THANKS to him for trying hard!”


“You get a sense for when people are genuine and Dave is top notch”


“Dave Bitcoin and I exchanged a few emails and as of today I now have 80% of my wallet back”


“Today, helped us free our bitcoin from its corrupted wallet.dat prison”


“Highly recommend !”


“Blockchain, the Bitcoin wallet provider redirects clients to avail of his services. To guard his reputation, Dave Bitcoin acts honestly with all of his clients at all times”


“He truly deserved the 20% commission for the great work he has done”


“Legit, fast service & recommended”

Seb V

“If you’re dumb enough to loose your #wallet pass checkout theses guys.They saved mine!”


ProfessorHouse MDMA

“A little over 3 weeks later I had pretty much given up hope when I received an email from Dave informing me he had finished decrypting my wallet”


“He was honest and only kept his 20% share, as we agreed on”


“I hope to never need the service again but if I do I would not hesitate to come back to Dave again”


“He charges 20% of the wallet amount (not much in my case) and was totally trustworthy”


“Dave will gladly help you out and I bet you won’t be disappointed”

Bitcoin Sportsbook

“Dave Bitcoin(Walletrecoveryservices) saved my ass”



“He found out my password, sent me back my 80% and keep his 20% as explained on the site”


“When I asked Mike Belshe at Bitgo about him he confirmed that his service was legit, and personally introduced me to Dave via e-mail”


“They charge a 20% commission that I was happy to pay. I feel like the company is run by genuinely nice people”


“Big props to Dave for his help, his honesty, and whatever magic is in his bag to recover these passwords”

GrindErAltFor Gott

“This guy is legit and i would recommend him to any one that lost there password!”


“The fee he charged was 20%, so I got back 16 BTC which is great given that I thought I will never recover any of them!”

tungfa (Dash core team)

“I vouch for him anytime”


“Yes there is still honest people out there!! Dave Bitcoin and”


_“I wanted to give props to a man who really saved my ass. Dave from”


“He had all my bitcoins at his disposal and when he cracked the password, took his fee and like a man of his word returned them back to me”


“Dave’s recovery service is the best”


“It was a big risk to try it out in my opinion, but the guy is legit”


“I gave him all the info I could gather for him and hold and behold Dave recovered my pass and save my sanity”


“He also made sure this was in fact my wallet by requesting transactions. I found this very professional as he doesn’t believe in stealing or hacking for bad purposes”


“I hope that people never forget or screw up their own passwords like I did. But it will happen - and it’s great that Dave is out there providing such a trusted service”


“Dave Bitcoin from is a straight up bitcoin pimp”


“I used Dave Bitcoin at” and it worked perfectly. I paid 20% commission”


“Dave was really nice and informative”


“After one month I’d given up all hope but he’s cracked it!”


“He could have taken my $39,000 worth of bitcoins but instead sent my funds to me promptly”


“Absolutly honest and trustworthy”

Reddit user

“Guys, don’t forget your passwords, but if you do this site might be able to help you!”



“Big thanks to Dave, at ‘walletrecoveryservices’”


“He was friendly, honest and transferred back 80% of my BTC after his work”


“Thanks Dave, you’re certainly one of the most useful services in the Bitcoin community”


“I would like to take the time to not only commend the honesty shown here but also recommend him to other people in the future”


“He had the opportunity to steal, if he chose 57 btc from me worth at the time of writing something like ~34k usd. He didn’t!”


“It was a very pleasant surprise that he (a) was able to crack the wallet, and (b) was honest enough to return the coins”


“Dave Bitcoin has a great service”


“Dave made us very happy, he is trustworthy and his service worked for us”


“My folly is another man’s opportunity, and we’re both better off for it”

More testimonials from happy clients:

“I downloaded the bitcoin-qt client in 2012, got some bitcoins, and encrypted my wallet. Months later, I went to send some coin and discovered that I couldn’t decrypt the wallet. I thought that I remembered the passphrase, but every time I tried what I thought the passphrase was, it failed. For over a year, I was frustrated by not being able to open the old wallet, and I wrote off the bitcoins in there as gone forever. Then recently, I heard about Wallet Recovery Services. I was interested, but skeptical that it would work - I had manually tried several different permutations of what I thought my passphrase was, to no avail. I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. But I sent my wallet info to Dave anyway,
along with my best guess at the passphrase. He was professional and kind. Literally hours after I sent Dave the information, I received an email from him saying that he was able to decrypt my wallet. I was surprised, but really happy! He promptly sent the agreed 85% of my coins back to the recovery address I had provided. I was so relieved. This really is a valuable service to the bitcoin community.”

Original forum thread about our service on

You can also refer to the long forum thread at;all which discusses the safety of you sending your limited wallet information to a service such as this.

p.s. If you should ever prefer your testimonial removed from this list, drop us a line at

p.p.s. Special thanks to the loyalty shown by our return customers! (we do have a few)