At WRS we don’t really make many efforts to advertise our service in traditional ways. Instead, after a successful wallet recovery, we often ask our clients to (voluntarily!) mention our service with a post on a relevant forum or on reddit. This is entirely optional for the customer, we don’t even ask until the coins are returned. Some clients are not comfortable disclosing their experiences online - we respect their desire for privacy! - but a few customers kindly post a review.

You may also view our partnership with The Bitcoin Store, at (link temporarily broken while undergoes an upgrade).

Testimonials from happy clients:

“I downloaded the bitcoin-qt client in 2012, got some bitcoins, and encrypted my wallet. Months later, I went to send some coin and discovered that I couldn’t decrypt the wallet. I thought that I remembered the passphrase, but every time I tried what I thought the passphrase was, it failed. For over a year, I was frustrated by not being able to open the old wallet, and I wrote off the bitcoins in there as gone forever. Then recently, I heard about Wallet Recovery Services. I was interested, but skeptical that it would work - I had manually tried several different permutations of what I thought my passphrase was, to no avail. I wasn’t going to get my hopes up. But I sent my wallet info to Dave anyway,
along with my best guess at the passphrase. He was professional and kind. Literally hours after I sent Dave the information, I received an email from him saying that he was able to decrypt my wallet. I was surprised, but really happy! He promptly sent the agreed 85% of my coins back to the recovery address I had provided. I was so relieved. This really is a valuable service to the bitcoin community.”

You can also refer to the long forum thread at;all which discusses the safety of you sending your limited wallet information to a service such as this.

p.s. If you should ever prefer your testimonial removed from this list, drop us a line at

p.p.s. Special thanks to the loyalty shown by our return customers! (we do have a few)